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Android development



Reach new audiences and drive business growth with a custom-made Android application. There are no universal solutions when it comes to mobile app development. That’s why we study your long-term goals and expectations carefully to deliver an Android application that fits your needs perfectly. With Miquido, you can be sure that your project will be in good hands: we are one of the 50 companies globally recognised as a Google-certified Android development agency.

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iOS development


Reach new audiences with a native iOS mobile app built in Swift. Our iOS app development services answer your business challenges with tailor-made solutions. Save the time and money and let our professional full-stack IOS development team take care of your project!

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Cross-platform development

React Native


Work smart, not hard, and pay less! With cross-platform development, instead of building two applications separately, you can craft one app that works on both Android and iOS. Thanks to that, you can reduce time to market of your mobile application and reach wider audiences from the very start.

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Frontend development




Create an outstanding user experience with Miquido. Frontend development lets you build beautiful, scalable web applications that charm your users with intuitive interfaces and strengthen your company image. Our dedicated team of web developers can choose the best frontend framework to support your app, and, together with our design team, deliver a modern competitive product.

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Equip your application with a stable backend architecture to ensure smooth data flow and top-notch performance. With our backend development services, you prepare a solid operational ground for your application. We will pick the most optimal technology stack to fit the complexity level of your app. That way, we ensure the security, stability, and robust operation of your product.

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Artificial Intelligence development

Voice assistants & chatbots

Machine Learning

Data Science

Computer Vision

Power up your digital solution and facilitate business operations with a custom Artificial Intelligence solution. Choose our Voice Assistant or Chatbot development services to boost the usability of your application and improve customer service. Use custom Machine Learning and Computer Vision features to build trendsetting apps, or use them to automate internal processes. Leverage the power of Data Science to create winning business strategies.

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