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Automation is imperative. React quickly with our no-code, rules-driven BPM platform.

Workflow Automation

Decisions automates workflow processes using an integrated set of graphical tools that allow for the creation of workflows, active forms, system integrations, dashboards and reports without writing code. These designs are built and tested using visual, drag and drop - no code - design tools. Resulting apps are built in a fraction of the time of other methods - and are easier to evolve as the business requirements change.

Business Rule Engine

Business rules are configured and tested in fully visual designers in the Decisions Studio. These designers enable users to see, understand, and edit the business rules without writing any code. Business rules can be configured in a number of different formats including: tables, statements, trees and matrixes. Rules can be leveraged within workflows, from other applications using our REST and SOAP API and run on batch/flat file data.

eBook: Improving Business Processes and Empowering Decisions with No-Code Software

In this guide, we’ll explain how no-code software can transform your business processes to help you achieve new efficiencies and capabilities across your organization.

Automating All Process Types

Decisions tools can be used to build solutions for different types of business problems. These include:

  • Classic BPM Workflow.

    Automation of user interactions, approvals, requests, tracking etc.
  • Case Based Workflow.

    Less structured workflows that are controlled by data and rules.
  • Integrating Systems.

    Managing integration and interactions between systems and events. This might leverage data processing and transformation as well as cleanup rules.
  • Data Processing.

    Handling flat files and other imports. Processing, transforming and manipulating data. Data cleanup and standardization. Outputting to systems and databases.
  • Business Rules.

    Enforcing policy, making decisions, centralizing business logic.

Integrated, Graphical Designers

The Decisions Studio is an integrated design environment providing graphical tools that can be used by non-programmers. These tools all share the same visual paradigm and allow business concepts to be created, evolved and tested - all without writing code. The rule engine is leveraged to create active forms, make decisions in workflows, provide meaning to reports as well as is usable from API/Messaging infrastructure.

  • Graphical workflow/rule/dashboard designers
  • Drag and drop form designer
  • Graphical data mapping
  • Visual testing tools
  • Unit testing and other lifecycle management features
  • Step library (over 2000 steps)
  • Data structure designer
  • Repository
  • … and much more

Don’t just automate, optimize!

Integrated business metric handling as well as flexible reporting/dashboard creation tools allow full visibility into your running business processes and executed rules. This data is the basis of being able to make meaningful changes to your key business processes.

Faster to results.

Instead of new functionality being coded from scratch, in Decisions applications are assembled from prebuilt and pretested “steps”. Processes come together really fast. Most customers' initial processes and rule sets are built, tested and deployed within days or weeks after starting.

For End Users

Users can interact with workflows using rule-enabled smart forms, email, telephony and other means. Decisions provides a mobile and browser configurable portal to manage tasks, initiate workflow and store your own data. Additionally, design artifacts (forms, pages, reports, etc) can be embedded in other web pages and portals.

Flexible Deployment Options

Decisions can be made available as a service (SaaS) or as a license to be installed on your own hosting solution on-site, in the cloud, or in a hybrid site/cloud model. The software is the same for each model, and there is minimal effort migrating to or from the cloud.

Technical Details

Decisions can be leveraged either as a cloud solution or deployed in a .NET hosted environment (including AWS and Azure). It was built in managed c# code and all tools are fully browser based (without any plugins). User portal, forms and dashboards are pure HTML 5. User forms can be built in a number of layouts including fully responsive (Bootstrap). Users can access tasks, forms and dashboards on mobile devices, tablets as well as any web browser.

All Decisions Platform designers can be extended using our .NET SDK or can consume webservices (REST or SOAP). Flows, rules and reports can be accessed using webservice APIs in addition to user interfaces (built in or out of our tools). Data can be stored and retrieved from any relational database or NOSQL database. Events can be consumed and produced across common message servers (Rabbit, MSMQ, MQSeries, Kafka, etc) as well as WebHooks.

Yes - Decisions Designers are for less technical users - but we speak tech!

Oh, and we’ll prove it...

If you have a real use case and want to see how Decisions would solve it - we want to hear about it and if it's a good match to our capabilities - our delivery team will build a slice of it out so you can see it running.

Why? We think Decisions can solve a wide variety of business problems - without a huge number of man hours - and we are willing to prove it - on our nickel.

business benefits

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To succeed, every software solution must be deeply integrated into the existing tech environment...

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